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The human trafficking and sexual exploitation industry is the second largest in the world, second to the drug trade. As a child, I was exposed to the unfortunate effects of this through pornography. I now fight this drug and industry through Gainz4Good.

WHY CAN'T WE  put an end TO THIS?..

After college, my friend was all about the gainz— I joined in and we labeled nearly everything with that term. But I soon realized that merely having these gainz wasn't enough. I saw that unless they were channeled towards something good or a selfless end, one would experience emptiness and a nagging unfulfillment. 

I then reflected on myself and society. I wondered why so many people had these symptoms and why evil things persisted. I witnessed depression, violence, abuse, sexual exploitation, and more. I realized that millions, if not billions, were in actual slavery. 

This was quite frustrating.


 I thought, “We have come so far in technology and life and yet more people today are enslaved than ever in history?” 

This is very sad! And not good.

I then pondered if there was ever going to be a stop to this sort of stuff or if we would continually get worse and worse. While I thought of this, I imaged those in these situations: the sexually abused, the kidnapped, the obese, the overly fearful/anxious/stressed, the child slaves, the victims of sexual exploitation or domestic abuse, the homeless, the alone, and more. I thought, "man, if I was in a position like that, which I was when I was addicted to porn, I would be begging for someone to come and save me from my misery."  And in fact, this is what I did when I was addicted to porn - I begged God to save me because I was a wreck. Fortunately, after some time, a friend who knew the surface of my situation referred me to a therapist who specialized in re-wiring the brain from excessive porn consumption - thus beginning my journey to healing and becoming human again.


But the question still remained, "Can we actually stop the evils of our time? Or will this just always persist...?"

My porn addiction was truly destructive. I have a personality that tends to latch on hard to what I have in mind and at the age of 7th grade-ish, I first saw these images and videos. I was hooked! To save the reader some time, my consumption was quite frequent. It became my stress relief when homework got hard, when I wanted a break, or honestly just anytime that one needs to rest. Because of this, I never developed any emotional maturity, organization, or discipline that an average human develops. This caused a tremendous amount of hurt and pain as I literally faced the world, work, and relationships of all kinds with no interior life - oof. I am now almost 29 and am learning all of these things after 2.5+ years of therapy and very intentional self-development. I am doing much better now. 



The hurt and pain that I experienced was of such great magnitude and that question was really burning in my mind. "What the heck do we have to do as a society to stop all this crap from happening? What do we need to do to stop all those who live the misery of fear, exploitation, and other sores?" I knew that there were companies and organizations out there to fight things, but it wasn't enough. I wanted to come up with a solution that struck at the heart of the issue, and this is what I came up with - selflessness. And this, I very sincerely believe, will solve all the problems our world has...and this is very core of Gainz4Good.

Let me explain!

Porn, the sex industry, and human trafficking are the objectification of others.

Gainz4Good is the opposite and gives its life for the good of others.

So, the more we create a selfless world, the more the money, power, and talents of the world will be used towards good means. And that will be the end of sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and the porn industry.

And that will be the freedom of humans once again.


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