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Hello! My name is Peter and my mission is to stop sexual exploitation.  

Drawing from my personal journey of overcoming a pornography addiction and trauma, I strive to raise awareness about its harms, help others break free, and ultimately put an end to this.

To support this mission, I sell apparel, partner with trainers to help you get fit, donate at least 15% of my profits away, provide resources, create awareness, and live a 4G culture: Gainz, Good Deeds, Gratitudes, and personal Growth.

Please explore this site and help me stop sexual exploitation!

Thank you

"Man cannot fully find himself...unless through a sincere gift of himself."

Peter is a 29-year-old student at the University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith's School of Business. This site has no affiliation with the school. He is getting his Masters in Business Management and intends to pursue some sort of consulting upon graduating. This brand was on his heart and mind and it's his desire to help ring the sound of freedom to save those who are victims of sexual exploitation. Noone knew how to speak up when he needed help, so now he is speaking up for others who don't know how.

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